We’ve opened a brand-new 8-screen cinema complex at Ballito Junction in KwaZulu-Natal. This new multi-format cineplex will include the first ever Xtreme cinema for the province, and also introduces two VIP cinemas with an extended lounge area. This exciting new cinema development opened its doors to the public from Thursday, 23 March 2017.

Xtreme at Nu Metro Ballito Junction makes moviegoers sit up in awe with the largest cinema screen in KwaZulu-Natal – featuring top-of-the-range Ultra High Definition (UHD) digital projection. It will also feature the next-generation Dolby Atmos sound system, making it the 4th Dolby Atmos-equipped cinema in South Africa. Dolby Atmos delivers 360-degree sound, including overhead speakers and a large array of speakers placed strategically throughout the cinema—a vast improvement on the limitations of traditional cinema surround.

Within one cineplex at Ballito Junction, movie fans visiting us may now opt to see movies in a variety of formats. There’s 3D and 2D, in cinemas equipped with high-quality projection and audio systems; there’s the larger-than-life Premium Large Format, giant-screen Xtreme, featuring world-class audio; and for those looking for luxurious in-cinema experience, including in-seat dining, there is VIP.

There are also two VIP cinemas there. VIP upgrades the movie experience to first-class, with luxurious recliner seating, a VIP lounge and bar, and an à la carte menu prepared in Nu Metro’s own kitchen. VIP is the cinema experience of choice for discerning moviegoers who enjoy a cut above the regular cinema outing fare, with intimate in-cinema dining. The VIP lounge also doubles up as an event venue, and will be available for hire for corporate and private functions.

“We’ve entered a new era in movie-going, by significantly improving the level and manner in which movies are viewed, along with the overall experience. We’ve led the way with multi-format cinema options at most of our cineplexes nationwide. We’re excited to introduce our Xtreme brand in KwaZulu-Natal, following its success in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town,” – Nitesh Matai, Managing Executive.

Xtreme cinemas are able to showcase films in full 4K UHD on a massive screen. 4K is the highest resolution available in studio films, and it is further enhanced by the quality of RealD’s Precision White™ screen technology.

Movie releases in 4K require an extended mastering process in order to present viewers with a visual masterpiece—delivering magnificent images that immerse the audience.

Dolby Atmos soundtracks combine multiple levels of audio, moving away from the concept of ‘channels’ for ‘stereo’ or ‘surround.’ Audio effects are processed digitally and placed within a 3D space with precision, aided by an array of speakers, including overhead, throughout the cinema.

Dolby Atmos is the preferred audio choice for acclaimed Hollywood film directors, who rely on Atmos to present their movie to audiences as intended. The above-spec speaker systems installed in all Xtreme cinemas guarantee an audio experience second to none.

Nu Metro Ballito Junction will also have a dedicated stand for its gourmet popcorn experience: Poptopia. The cineplex will feature striking new interior décor, contemporary seating design, an improved counter service, and many other features, making this new cinema a must-stop destination for entertainment enthusiasts on the Dolphin Coast.