Hoppy Easter
Hoppy Easter

It’s a Hoppy Easter at Nu Metro this April, and we’ve loaded our Easter eggs with surprises!

With every ticket you purchase, you could reveal free movie tickets, sodas, popcorn, and even bonus Scene Club points when you participate in our Hoppy Easter promotion!

Read on to find out how it works:

Between March 31st and April 18th, 2017, every time you buy a ticket for a movie, you’ll receive an Easter egg card with a unique 6-character code on it. Just SMS this code to 40675, and we’ll let you know what your surprise is.

From delicious, fresh popcorn, to refreshing sodas and 2D and 3D movie tickets to complete your entertainment world, to free bonus points for your Scene Club card, there’s something for everyone this Easter at Nu Metro.*

You’ll have to be a Scene Club member to burn those bonus points on your favourite Nu Metro goodies, so make sure you sign up—either online at sceneclub.numetro.co.za, or in person at your favourite Nu Metro cineplex.


Hoppy Easter

* As with all great things, Terms and Conditions apply. You can read those below!

Hoppy Easter 2017: Terms & Conditions

  1. By participating in this promotion, the customer expressly agrees to the terms and conditions listed below.
  2. The Nu Metro “Hoppy Easter” egg-card giveaway campaign runs from 12:00 on Friday, 31 March 2017, until 23:59 on Tuesday, 19 April 2017, or until stocks are depleted.
  3. Holders of “Hoppy Easter” egg cards may enter the SMS competition until 23:59 on Sunday, 30 April 2017.
  4. Codes for physical prizes (received subsequent to entering the competition) may be redeemed at Nu Metro cineplexes until 23:59 on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017.
  5. With the purchase of movie tickets during the promotional period, patrons are eligible for Easter surprises, as detailed below.
  6. For every movie ticket purchased during the promotional period, a customer will receive a promotional Easter Egg card, with a unique code on it, provided that cards are in stock.
  7. The keyword, EASTER, followed by the unique code, should be SMSed to 40675. Example format:


  1. Each unique code may be used once only.
  2. The cost per SMS is R 1,00.
  3. Free, bundled network SMSes do not apply.
  4. SMS is at the entrant’s cost.
  5. If the entry is deemed valid and error-free, an acknowledgement will be sent to the entrant via SMS.
  6. Nu Metro assumes no responsibility for SMSes either sent or not sent in error, including but not limited to: incorrect phone number (i.e. not 40675), incorrect keyword (i.e. not EASTER), no keyword (e.g. sending only the gift code), etc.
  7. Details of every valid SMS are stored in our database immediately, and remain there for the duration of the promotion. If there are no entry details for a given gift code, we will continue to consider the gift code unclaimed.
  8. Nu Metro makes use of a service provider for SMS sending and receiving. The provider’s database is the Promotion’s final and canonical source of all SMSes sent, delivered, and received.
  9. Disputes regarding incoming SMS entries and outgoing prize SMSes cannot be entered into.
  10. Following the acknowledgement, a random computer-drawn Easter surprise will be assigned to the entry.
  11. Once the surprise has been drawn, detail thereof will be SMSed to the customer within 24 hours.
  12. The return SMS from Nu Metro will detail the surprise and will consist of either
  1. A gift that can be redeemed at a participating Nu Metro cinema complex:-
      • This return SMS will contain a 16-character code of the form


      • The customer presents this SMS at their participating Nu Metro cineplex in exchange for their Easter surprise.


  1. An allotment of points to be added to the entrant’s Scene Club loyalty programme account:-
      • In order to make use of this Easter surprise, the entrant must be a Scene Club member.
      • If the entrant is not a Scene Club member, the entrant may join Scene Club online at sceneclub.numetro.co.za or in person at a Nu Metro cineplex. The entrant may claim their Easter surprise points once their Scene Club account is activated.
      • The entrant redeems free Scene Club points as follows:
  • The entrant responds to Nu Metro’s return SMS, with their Scene Club card number. The number is in the form

    • On responses to Nu Metro’s return SMS will be processed—the entrant must not SMS the Scene Club card number to the competition entry number, 40675.
    • Once Nu Metro has received the customer’s Scene Club card number, the account will be credited with the Easter surprise points within 7 working days.


  1. In order to redeem physical Easter surprises, the unique surprise code received via SMS from Nu Metro must be presented to a Nu Metro Cinemas cashier.
  2. The Nu Metro Cinemas cashier will present the entrant with the respective gift in accordance with the surprise code.
  3. Surprise codes are generated independently by a random number generator and cannot be manually generated by any Nu Metro Cinemas staff member. All Easter surprises are awarded randomly, and no surprises are guaranteed.
  4. Each surprise code may only be redeemed once. Attempts to re-use the surprise code a second time will not succeed.
  5. Nu Metro will take no responsibility for any Easter surprises that become damaged, lost or stolen after being collected by the recipient.
  6. The customer hereby irrevocably indemnifies Nu Metro against any loss, damage, injury or harm suffered as a result of, but not limited to, accepting an Easter surprise, the use of that surprise, or for defective or damaged surprises.
  7. Nu Metro terms and conditions relating to movie tickets, confectionery and other discount vouchers apply.
  8. Easter surprises must be redeemed at any Nu Metro cinema complex by no later than 31 May 2017. If not redeemed by said date, surprises will be forfeited.
  9. All other regular Nu Metro Cinemas terms and conditions apply.

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