Johannesburg, 4 April 2017 – Nu Metro Cinemas has confirmed that the highly anticipated new live-action 3D-version** of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be screened for 6 days only in its Xtreme and 4DX cinemas from this Friday, 7 April 2017 (all shows daily) – a week before this blockbuster’s general South African release date.


Xtreme is Nu Metro’s fully immersive Premium Large Format Screen-brand. These technologically advanced cinemas will project BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ahead of release on the largest, crispest screens in the country – with superior 360o sound (through Dolby Atmos™ and Barco Auro™ sound technology).


Nu Metro’s multi-sensory 4DX cinemas will bring to life the magic of Disney’s most epic love story – the seats will move in sync with every single scene of action on-screen, along with all the other 4DX effects (wind, water spray, fog, bubbles, scents and lots more).


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will release generally at Nu Metro cineplexes nationwide from Thursday, 13 April – ahead of the Easter long weekend.


The story and characters audiences know and love come to spectacular life in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – a stunning, cinematic event celebrating one of the most beloved tales ever told.


“Our 4DX cinemas present movie-goers with an unprecedented experience of BEAUTY & THE BEAST, realised through technology, which was not around when the original versions of this cinematic classic was released. In our Xtreme cinemas, we will showcase this new Disney blockbuster with advanced audiovisual equipment that is a step above what other cinemas can do. We are pleased to confirm this special early engagement for such a major cinematic event in our specialised cinema formats. These pre-release screenings will envelop moviegoers with a truly immersive cinema experience that can’t be duplicated via any other platform or medium,” states Nitesh Matai, Nu Metro Managing Executive.


Movies are now no longer bound by their visual and aural limits. 4DX is the next step in the movie-going evolution, taking audiences on a journey into the full feature film. Find 4DX at Nu Metro V&A Waterfront (Cape Town), The Pavilion (Durban), Menlyn Park (Pretoria), and Hyde Park Corner (Johannesburg).


Nu Metro’s Xtreme cinemas combine Premium Large Format screens, 360o sound, along with luxury recliner seating and advanced RealD™ “Precision White Screen” (PWS) digital projection technology (ensuring brighter, crisper visuals on-screen).


Sound in Xtreme cinemas includes overhead speakers and a large array of speakers placed strategically throughout the cinema—a vast improvement on the limitations of traditional cinema surround, moving past the confines of “stereo” or “surround sound channels.”


Xtreme is located at Nu Metro Canal Walk (largest screen in the Western Cape), Clearwater Mall (Johannesburg), Menlyn Park (Pretoria), The Glen (Johannesburg) and the recently-opened Ballito Junction (largest screen in KwaZulu-Natal).