We can confirm that we’re hosting the first ever screenings of Logan: The Wolverine in South Africa, on Tuesday, 28 February. These exclusive screenings of the latest blockbuster in the X-Men saga will take place in our Xtreme and 4DX cinemas nationwide.

The screenings also mark the debut of our Guys’ Night. For 15 years, the ladies have had their fun at our tremendously popular Girls’ Night Out events, and now the playing field has been levelled: The men will get their own dedicated night at the movies to be the first to enjoy the latest blockbusters ahead of release.

Not a guy? Want to bring your girlfriend? No worries, additional sneak pre-release screenings will happen in the same cinemas on 1 and 2 March, also at 20:00.

The film’s official release date is Friday, March 3rd.

Scene Xtreme combines extra-large format screens, 360-degree sound (including overhead speakers), along with luxury recliner seating and advanced RealD “Precision White Screen” digital projection technology (ensuring brighter, crisper visuals on-screen). Logan: The Wolverine also features a full Dolby Atmos soundtrack, the most advanced audio system available today, to give the film the best, world-class audio and visual cinema experience.

Two of our Scene Xtremes boast Dolby Atmos audio, while our other Xtreme cinemas’ sound is enhanced through Barco Auro’s incredible 11.1 all-around sound technology—ensuring an almost-real cinema outing, in the “Xtreme”!

Scene Xtreme is located at Nu Metro Canal Walk (largest screen in the Western Cape), Clearwater Mall (Johannesburg), Menlyn Park (Pretoria) and The Glen (Johannesburg). Bookings here: numet.ro/logan

Multi-sensory 4DX delivers an immersive cinema experience like nothing else seen, heard, felt or even smelt before. Experience Logan: The Wolverine with full in-your-face power: The seats move in sync with all the action, and in sync with all the other 4DX effects, to bring audiences closer to the action than ever before.

Our 4DX is located at Nu Metro V&A Waterfront (Cape Town), The Pavilion (Durban), Menlyn Park (Pretoria) and Hyde Park Corner (Johannesburg). Bookings here: numet.ro/logan4dx

Note: Premium pricing applies to 4DX and Scene Xtreme; loyalty discounts are not applicable. Standard pricing as per the Nu Metro website applies to all other shows for Logan: The Wolverine from opening day, 3 March.